Jun 19, 2010

The Forecast calls for a Shower!

As my wedding day approaches, the love and support of my closest family and friends is so evident.  Not only do they "check-in" to see how the planning is going, but now I am faced with a fabulous question...

"What kind of shower do you want?"

Among the bridal showers and teas, stock the bar, and a lingerie shower thrown in for fun, I began to think outside the box.  Then I was hit with an idea...

The wedding planning process is wonderful, you have showers, plan parties and register for all the things you need to begin your new life.  But what happens after you get back from your honeymoon?

This is why I propose a new kind of shower.  
A Date Night Shower!
Think about it, how many times in the last year have you and your beau been treated out to dinner and a movie?  When is the last time you were able to just... date?  The first year of marriage, I have heard, is the hardest, so why not lessen the stress with a stash of date nights just waiting for you to take them?

How it works

Let a friend be in charge of picking out some fabulous invitations... (like the ones from Ashleigh's Fine Paper) and word them to inform your guests that it is all about treating the newlyweds to a night on the town, on you! 

Have your host/hostess include activities you and your fiance love to do on the invitation for inspiration.  For added points, make it local.  These are some of my favs:
Dinner & A Movie 
6th and Vine in Winston Salem has Dinner & A Movie every Wednesday on their patio.  Plus their wine selection is fabulous!

Dance Lessons
Put your dancing shoes on!  Fred Astaire Studios in Greensboro offers 5 lessons for $50.  You can learn Salsa, Swing and Ballroom, how cool is that?

Horseback Riding at Tanglewood
At Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, for $20/hour you can take guided trail along the Yadkin River.

Bed & Breakfast
Everyone needs a get away sometimes.  Oak Ridge Bed & Breakfast is a local spot that feels a million miles away.  Check in to the cozy Lillian Jackson room to relax and escape for a night.

Play Ball!
If you have driven through Winston on I-40 you have seen the amazing new facility for The Dash, Winston Salem's new baseball team.  Treat your honeymooners to hot dogs and home runs with some tickets to a home game.  How fun!

The list goes on...
Pottery/Art Class,  Local Concert,  Day at a Waterpark,  Putt Putt & Icecream,  Couples Massage or Spa, Winery Tour & Tasting

Whatever it is you and your honey love to do, a Date Night Shower is the perfect way to ensure you will stay active and stay connected through your first year of marriage.  

Bun in the Oven?
Don't think that the Date Night Shower is just for newlyweds, this is a perfect Baby Shower idea.  Soon-to-be Moms and Dads need a date night, too!  Keep the activities the same, or change it up to include a babysitting service or house cleaner. 

So what are your ideas for a Date Night in the Triad?



  1. This is such a great idea! I will definitely be doing this for some of my preggo girlfriends!

  2. What about us old married folks (he he he)!!! What can I do to have a shower... hmmm ;) Love your idea (of course) and can't wait to see what GREAT gifts to local spots your receive!!!

  3. Great Idea! Favorite past dates.... cooking class together, baseball games, seeing a show at Triad Stage... and our favorite date ever... hanging out on the patio at Europa Cafe in downtown Greensboro.