Jun 10, 2010

A nice day to wear white!

So close your eyes and picture the perfect wedding gown.  What does it look like?  Is it form fitting or does it billow out like a Cinderella ballgown?  Now imagine you are feeling the fabric.  Is it soft?  Satin?  Lace?    

What is your perfect dress?

I have thought myself about this lately.  With a wedding coming up next year, you would think I have plenty of time to shop around and find that one in a million look... but honestly, in the timeline of wedding fashion... I need to get started looking myself!

I stopping into Diva's in Greensboro a few weeks ago, the lovely ladies there helped me determine a timeline for dress shopping.  For a wedding next May this is the schedule:

June - August  (9-11 Months Out)
Look through bridal magazines and determine what styles you are drawn to.  Think about your venue and time of year and make sure that your fabric choices match.  Then do the fun part and try on dresses!  Grab your mom or girlfriends and take an afternoon to play dress-up.  Once you find the dress you love, even though you are 9 months out.... Order it.  Here is why...

For a typical bridal designer, once you place the order, the dress can actually take 4-6 MONTHS to arrive.  MONTHS!!  So that means, when you place your order the end of August... I could possibly not come in until February.

So you are still thinking... okay, so February, I am getting married in May.  I have plenty of time!  

Not really.

Once the dress comes in, you have your first fitting.  Lets say the dress need to be taken in because you have been religiously working out for a fabulous honeymoon body and it also needs to be hemmed.

These alterations could take 3 weeks.  So you have a second fitting.  Although the hem is perfect you have lost a little more weight, but only in the tummy area  (Go You!), so we need to have a second alteration to make the dress fit like a dream.  Guess what?  Now it is the first week of April. 

In the next few weeks you have scheduled your bridal portraits and for your gown to be pressed one last time before the big day.

9 Months just flew by.

As for me?  I tried on my very first dresses this afternoon and found out that the styles I thought I would love weren't as flattering as I had imagined.  On the other hand, those I was not interested in and tried on just for kicks... were awesome!  So my best bit of advice... Just try it on.  It never hurts to try something new.

I love this designer's site because of how they explain sillouettes and fabric options -Amy Kuschel

Another option to silk?  Soft, breatheable cotton!  Look at this gorgeous cotton lace dress from Jim Hjelm.

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