May 17, 2010

Changing from a Girlfriend to Fiance... and back to Me.

My advice for today is simple...

Be Yourself.

After only being engaged for a short time it is amazing to notice the changes that occurred when this girl went from being a "girlfriend" to a "fiancee."  As soon as this sparkly, gorgeous rock landed on my finger, along with it came so many expectations and uses of the word "proper."

"The Perfect Bride"

Very quickly I became overwhelmed with the idea of "The Perfect Bride."  We all see her.  She is on the cover of The Knot, she is blond and gorgeous with super-white teeth.  She carries bouquets of roses and baby's breath.  Honestly, she is the vision every girl has been fawning over since they were old enough play dress-up.

I wanted so much to be that ideal.  I thought it was almost my job, or responsibility to become the most like her I could possibly be.  But, in the effort to become this perfect version of what a bride should be, I started loosing the most important part of myself.  My identity.

Finding the "Me" in Engagement

I think back three years ago.  Back to that May afternoon, when without the perfect hair style, makeup, anything perfect for that matter Trey looked past every outward expression and saw me for me.  He fell in love with my personality, my humor and sincerity, not how I might look in a white gown.

You Are Fabulous.

So here is my new mission.  Not only will I have a completely local wedding, but I will have a wedding that completely embodies Trey and myself, who we are for real.  I hope that over these next few months, I can empower all of you readers out there to do the same in your life.  You are different, you are not perfect but guess what?  You are fabulous.  Be yourself and let others see you for you.


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  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    LOVE this post! So well put. I'm not engaged and already stressed about those things. We need to be reminded of those things. You ARE fabulous Christina! Keep up the good work!

    Elizabeth Kavanagh