Oct 5, 2010

Life Happens

Oh my, the things that have taken place since my last post.  Let's catch up...

Change of Venue  : )

We are now hosting the wedding in my hometown.  SO EXCITING!!! 
I have such a soft spot for my hometown of Valdese, North Carolina.  Over 100 years ago, my family along with 8 other families fled Italy with the hope of a better life in America.  When they landed there in 1893 they settled the town of Valdese and quickly built farms, mills and a church.  My house in Valdese was built shortly after they arrived and at one point nearly 5 generations of my family have lived in that house.  It means so much to me to have that history be apart of new life together.

Change of Career

After a wonderful ride, I left the invitation/stationery business to pursue a challenging career in retail.  Though the hours and environment are a little different, I am honestly so happy to go into work each day.

Just call me Gimpy

I broke my foot.  On my first day of training for my new position, I turned my ankle and fractured a small bone on the side of my right foot.  (ouch!)  Luckily, after only 2 weeks in a boot I can walk just fine now except that I have to wear flats for another few weeks until I regain all my strength.

"Next Bridesmaid, Please" 

That is all I really have to say about that.


Life is short.  I have loved ones that are sick and loved ones that are gone.  The best way I can think of honoring them is just to live.  I have laughed, cried, danced and sang more in the last month than in a long time.  I thank them for changing my perception on life.

Learning to Exhale

With all the other changes in the last few weeks, the one that I am most grateful for is the ability for me now to breathe.  Be careful of the underlying need to please.  This is not your friend/sister/neighbor's wedding.  Be silly.  Be crazy.  Be different.  Be yourself... and never apologize for that.

So there you have it.  I am back... with much more to come.

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