May 5, 2010

374 Days and Counting...The Dreaded Wedding Checklist

With officially 12 months until “I do” it is time to whip out the Wedding Planning Checklist.  Never having been a bride before, this helpful guideline feels  more like the course outline for one of my college courses… a list of a million things that it doesn’t seem possible to complete within a semester.

The first section of planning is the most intense 10-12 months out.  Here are the necessities of planning during this time, and what I have or plan to do about them.

May – July (10-12 Months Out)

"We're Getting Married!"

First thing is first, announce the engagement.  Well, yes! You couldn’t keep me quiet if you tried.  I even started a blog about it!

Dollars and "Sense"

The budget is not the most fun part of the planning, but an absolute must.  The best advice I have about this part of the process is this… Sit down with your fiancé and start by saying out loud a low idea of your wedding budget.  Take turns saying higher and higher numbers out loud. 
Once a number gets hard to say, go back one and you have set your budget.  I was so surprised when my number and my fiance’s number were the same!

Set the Date

This decision will affect every other decision you make for the next year.  Make sure the season, place, and time of day reflect you and your mate.  If you love a lazy Sunday afternoon in the garden… then why not get married then? 
I don’t want you to push yourself into conforming to the “Perfect Bride Syndrome” where you only consider a Saturday in June at 2:00 in the afternoon.  We are unique… our weddings should show off just how unique we are!

You are invited!

To create our guest list, my fiancé and I sat down and write down all of the names of people we absolutely could not get married without.  This was our primary list.  Then we added in other friends and family acquaintances that we would like to celebrate with.
I printed off the list and gave a copy to our parents and let them help us fill in the gaps and make sure we hadn’t left off someone important. My advice, make time to sit down and do this now, because this guest count will help you pick out the location.

You are getting married where?

PHEW! Is this a toughy.  I have had the hardest time finding the perfect location for our wedding even though there are some fabulous options in the Triad.  What I have learned is this… First, know you and your fiancé as a couple. 
Try to relate something about your personal story or style into the location.  There is definitely a complete blog to come on this topic.

Lean On Me

The wedding party is made up of best friends, family and those closest to you.  Don’t think you have to include someone in your bridal party just because you were in theirs.  Take your time and think about how many people you want up there with you and ask them one-on-one.  This is such an important experience for you both.  Enjoy it.

Get Dressed!

Yay! All of your thinking about what your wedding day is going to be like is summed up in two words.  The Dress. It is finally time for us brides to get our glam on!  Start slow and take backup.  I plan on taking a few Saturdays the next two months and going to bridal shops with my Mom and close friends to find the perfect dress. 

The best advice I have heard?  Look for a dress that suits the location and the time of year, a dress that accentuates the best part of your shape and pick a dress that is COMFY!  You will be in the dress for at least 5 hours… Make sure it can buggy down with you!

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