Apr 24, 2010

The Road to "I do"

With a busy schedule at the store and kicking of a campaign to turn the wedding industry on its heels, I arrive at Saturday feeling a bit exhausted.  With everything that a modern girl has on her plate, how is it she finds the time to plan such an extensive fĂȘte?

This brings me to tonight's blog topic.

To know where one is going, he must remember where he has been.

My journey to "I do" started as a sleepy Monday nearly 4 years ago at Appalachian State.  After a summer internship in Hilton Head, I came back for my senior year of college to a new major.  After the first class, this young man followed me down the stairwell to introduce himself and welcome me to the Hospitality & Tourism department.  For a year we were in the same class, but sat on opposite ends of the room, never speaking much more than an occasional "hi."

Weeks faded into months which turned into semesters
and before I knew it, graduation day was upon me.  I enjoyed a wonderful day with my family and once they had returned home, I headed to a graduation party a classmate was holding across town.  About an hour into the celebration, in walked the same young man from the stairwell.  I walked up to him, fearless, and greeted him with hug.  We began talking, and continued even seven hours later as the sun was waking up the world.

The days that followed
were full of sunflowers, lilies, and daisies that adorned the small vase in my living room.  The days were light and full of smiles and excitement.  It was nine days after graduation, with a first kiss that we knew.

"I think you are going to be my wife."
"I think I am."

Nine days.
That was three years ago.  These three years have been a lifetime in a second.  We have together experienced birth, death, defeat and elation.  We have come through with a sense of humor and a deep respect for each other.

So when the week is long, and the planning seems daunting, you have to remember just how far you have come. Take the time in your planning to reflect on the memories that have gotten you to this point, and make some new ones. 

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